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About Parker Walter Group, Inc. - An Architectural & Engineering Firm

Parker Walter Group, Inc. (PWG) is one of the most diverse architectural and engineering firms in southwest Florida. PWG's extensive experience in the private sector is unparalled. Experience counts when it comes to creating new techniques and methods.

PWG's strength and success lies in their technical abilities to produce clear and accurate construction documents for complex projects, under tight time constraints. PWG is also active in the management role, serving as the proxy client for corporate owners needing management of the delivery process.

Experience counts when it comes to creating new techniques and methods.Experienced Architects and Engineers

With over 50 years experience in architecture between them, Brent A. Parker and Thomas R. Walter both took a leadership role in the implementation of computer technology in the architectural office.

Individually, theirs were two of the first offices in the United States to introduce CAD into their practices in the early 80's, allowing them to concentrate on the quality of the architecture and architectural expression, rather than get caught up in the burden of the production of drawings. As technology has advanced they continue to lead in this area. Currently PWG "takes" their clients on walking guided tours of their "virtual" designs. (visit our New Media page).

Merger of Talented Staff

The merger of Parker & Walter in 1996 brought together a talented staff with superior and varied experience in the fields of architecture, interiors, planning and management. While each firm member has their own primary area of responsibility and expertise, the collaboration of the team brings unique talent and solutions to the client. Parker Walter Group Inc. has the experience and leadership required to sustain effective communication, cooperation and coordination among the firm members and clients in order to complete projects with a high degree of business integrity and professionalism.

PWG also has incorporated in-house engineering to seamlessly integrate that discipline into the design process. With that integration, PWG is able to deliver highly coordinated documents.

To enhance communications for clients, PWG maintains an on-line web based site for exchanging documents, drawings, schedules and other timely information. This extension of the virtual office allows PWG to again concentrate on the delivery of services, without the traditional time constraints.